Why Use a 24/7 Mobile Notary?

Looking Glass Runners is a Delaware LLC that provides mobile notary services throughout the state of New York. We are certified and licensed notaries with decades of experience. We are open everyday, around the clock and come to you in our designated service areas.

Cody S.
Assistant Superintendent
Looking Glass is fast, friendly and willing to meet me miles away. Great option for anyone in NYC
Kira N
I’ll never go anywhere else for a notary ever again.
Hira M.
Head of Sales
I needed someone in a pinch but didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg.  Looking Glass made that happen for me.
Farva Jafri

Farva Jafri currently owns and operates two specialty finance businesses. One of her ventures is in pre-settlement funding, and the other in SSD advocacy. Jafri sits on the board of multiple businesses spanning diverse fields.

Farva Jafri previously served as the COO of Signal Financial Holdings and Signal Funding. Jafri held many roles at Signal. She was also an associate at 777 Partners.

Prior to Signal, Farva Jafri led the content team at a tech startup called Apervita. Apervita was backed by Pritzker Capital and GE Ventures. She built the world’s first two-sided marketplace for health data and analytics through her vast network of physicians and research scientists. Farva Jafri also established a regulatory conference that brought together leaders, attorneys and public officials within health informatics. The attendance list included former senators, healthcare leaders and government representatives who discussed the landscape of health informatics on panels.

While at the University of Illinois, Farva Jafri established a non-profit called ICON. Under Farva’s leadership, ICON was integrated into the curricula of 17 partner universities across the world. Farva Jafri started ICON with fifteen consultants. She grew it into a fully-funded organization with just under 1,000 administrators and consultants.

Farva Jafri holds a B.A. from New York University. She also holds an M.P.H. from the University of Southern California and a M.B.A. from the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Jafri received a J.D. from UIUC’s College of Law.