Nationwide we are a online notary service. If you need a document notorized online please click notarize now. For those in NY, PA or NJ we also offer additional services

    Addional Services

    Mobile Notary Services

    We can meet you anywhere on demand, making the process as convenient and stress-free as possible. Our certified mobile notaries are ready to come to you.

    Court Research

    Let us take the work off your hands, we can find out if a civil lawsuit is pending or if there is a judgment against a person or company

    Document Retrieval

    Let us be your legal runner and researcher – we’ll find the documents you need to run your case and practice.

    Airport Services

    Stuck at the airport? Need us to print out the documents for you? We can do that.

    Process Serving

    We will serve court papers on any business and/or individual in the throughout NY or PA.